Upgrades to the USPX Website

June 29, 2012 in General

In case you are thinking the USPX website doesn’t look as polished as it once did, you are right. We are in the process of implementing new functionality. Some of this has proved incompatible with features on the home page. For now, we have implemented a more minimalist homepage while we sort things out. 

The new functionality is exciting. One feature that has already gone live is automated e-mail updates for groups. Here is how it works: If you are a member of any groups on the USPX website, you will receive automated e-mail updates whenever anyone posts to those groups. These updates will help members remain engaged with their groups.

Instead of receiving all e-mails for a group, you can elect to receive weekly summary e-mails, daily digests or no e-mails. To change this setting for one of your groups, log into the USPX website, go to the group, and select “email options.” If you get a blank screen when you attempt to enter the groups section, this is a bug, but it means your membership has expired. Select “My Membership” in the upper right corner of your screen (only appears if you have already logged in) and renew your membership. Then you will be able to enter the Groups section of the site.

Should you want to turn off all e-mails for all your groups, there should be a link at the bottom of all e-mails allowing you to do so.

We will be implementing even more functionality after this, starting with member wikis. And, of course, we will be coming up with an improved home page.

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