How to create your profile.

The USPX is a community. By getting involved, you can learn from and coordinate shareowner initiatives with other members, but first you have to get involved. Success depends on building connections—reaching out to other members, gaining their trust and forming relationships. The first step is creating your profile. This is a page you create to tell other members about yourself. It is about first impressions, so you want to be positive, friendly and welcoming.

Start by uploading a personal photo. Some people skip this step, but that is a mistake. The system will assign you a “mystery man” avatar, and there is nothing friendly about that! You probably have a few nice photos of yourself somewhere on your computer. If not, you can easily snap a photo with a cell phone. For best results, take it in bright, natural light.

To upload your photo, log in to the USPX website. From the menu at the very top of your browser window, select

My Account > Profile > Change Avatar

Scroll down and select the button “Choose Photo”. This will open a window you can use to browse your hard drive and select the photo. Once you have selected it, click the “Upload Button”. This will take you to a page wherre you can crop your photo so it is a perfect square. A region of your photo will be highlighted. You can move the highlighted region around or resize it. Once you are satisfied, click the “crop image” button, and your photo will be cropped to the highlighted region you have selected.

Next, you want to tell people about yourself. From the menu at the top of your browser window, select:

My Account > Profile > Edit Profile

This will open a page where you can fill in information about yourself. The page actually contains several tabbed sections for you to fill out. These are:

  • Name
  • Location
  • About Me
  • Influences
  • My Publications

There is a horizontal menu near the middle of the page where you can navigate between these. Go through the tabs one by one, filling in the requested information. All questions are optional. Fill in only those you like. But try to fill in many. The more you tell people about yourself, the more interested they will be in getting to know you. As you fill in each tab, click the “Save Changes” button before moving to the next tab.

When you are done filling in the last tab, click “Save Changes”, and then select from the menu at the top of your broser window:

My Account > Profile > Profile

where you will see how your profile appears to others. If you are satisfied, your profile is done. Otherwise, go back to the Edit Profile page and make changes.

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