Member Blogs

Social media has demonstrated how removing barriers to communication can launch a revolution. The USPX is all about social media and communication among shareowners. Central to this is our Member Blogs Program. In thirty seconds, any member can launch a blog and start writing posts visible to members and the entire world. Member blogs appear to visitors as entirely independent blogs, with their own customizable color scheme and design. But they are integrated into the USPX website, which drives traffic to member blogs as new content is posted.

You can create a member blog in thirty seconds.

One of the challenges of launching a new blog is attracting an audience. Who is going to read what you write? When you launch a USPX member blog, that is never a problem. The audience is already waiting. Also, because of the extensive cross linking between the USPX website and member blogs, your new blog will rank more highly in search results. Members who have transferred existing blogs to make them member blogs report a sharp increase in traffic following the move.

All content you create belongs to you. You can export it at any time and, if you like, import it into an independent blog. Member blogs use WordPress technology. That means blogging is easy and intuitive.

You can have a custom URL, such as, or you can have a default URL such as

If you want to generate income from your blogging, you can place advertisements or affiliate links on your blog. Best of all, member blogs are entirely free for USPX members.

If you think Wall Street or entrenched boards could use a little revolution, get things started with a USPX member blog today.

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