No Stock Market as Undervalued and as Misunderstood as Japan

Japanese stocks have done very well in 2012 and of course the weakening yen has increasingly more to do with the rally; deservedly so for the people of Japan. Otherwise, and unless Japanese stocks continue to do well, they could become neglected once again. Not necessarily a bad thing for value investors, and regardless of the rally to-date, valuations in Japan remain extremely compelling. Allow me to introduce my book, Investing in Japan: No stock market is as undervalued and as misunderstood as Japan, just released this month.

Within Investing in Japan I discuss the following, among many other points:

  • brief overview of value investing (helpful to those less familiar; hearing its merits is never redundant to practitioners)
  • challenge the conventional wisdom of Japan being on its last leg (a kind way of putting it compared to some others’)
  • comprehensive overview of investing in Japan including various must-know idiosyncrasies
  • the shortcomings of Japan-focused mutual funds and ETFs (as well as the odd marketing of funds to Japanese investors)
  • everything you need to know about ADRs
  • review of select value shops’ investing in Japan and value-focused Japanese funds
  • hedge funds’ activities in Japan
  • discuss the oft-cited matter of low returns on equity
  • share some surprising (positive) information on shareholder rights and corporate governance