How to comment on blog posts

Every USPX member blog supports comments. Scroll to the bottom of a post, and you will see a form for commenting. If you don’t see it, log-in and then you will. Commenting transforms blogs from monologs into conversations.

If you want to network and make connections among USPX members, commenting on blog posts is one of the best ways to do it. Post a few insightful comments on someone’s blog, and it won’t be long before the two of you are “friending” and striking up a conversation.

Commenting is also a great way to leverage your time. Suppose you have something to say on a topic. Writing a full post for your own blog might take an hour or two. Instead, find if someone has already blogged on the topic. In five minutes, you could add a comment and be done.

If you actively blog, you should actively comment. Every blogger wants to receive plenty of comments. The best way to receive comments is to give comments. Other bloggers will reciprocate. Through that process, you will get to know those other bloggers. Commenting is networking.