Field Agents

The Field Agents Program is our flagship volunteer program, open to all adult members, from all walks of life. Based throughout the United States, field agents are available to attend shareowner meetings on behalf of proponents of shareowner proposals.

Every time a proponent submits a proposal to be voted on at a shareowner meeting, someone has to attend that meeting to formally “move” the proposal. This is an onerous legal requirement. By relieving proponents of the cost and time commitment of traveling to distant meetings, field agents facilitate good corporate governance.

Attending corporate meetings as a field agent is an empowering and rewarding experience.

Attending meetings as a field agent is an empowering experience. You stand in front of a corporation’s CEO and board to read a statement moving a proposal they likely oppose. This is a David and Goliath moment. Your weapons aren’t a stone and slingshot. They are your professionalism and the knowledge that the law is on your side. While your experiences will vary, most corporations are extremely courteous in receiving field agents.

As a field agent, you are a role model for other shareowners. By your example, you motivate them to make constructive steps to improve the corporations they own. Most field agents can tell stories of other shareowners thanking them at the end of a meeting or asking for advice.

Being a field agent requires a modest time commitment. Plan on attending one to three shareowner meetings a year. These are typically held weekday mornings in the spring. If you have a full-time job, attending meetings may require taking a few hours off from work. Including travel time, plan on each meeting requiring two to three hours.

Field agents are facilitators. They don’t take positions on issues. They stand ready to move any reasonable, ethical proposal. Like poll workers on election day, they make it possible for others to exercise their rights. It is a role anyone can take pride in.

To become a field agent, start by reading the Field Guide, which will explain all you need to know.