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If you have been a member of the USPX for a while and haven’t found an opportunity to get involved, two wonderful opportunities have just opened up. One requires considerable experience in shareowner activism, but the second requires no experience whatsoever. Both afford excellent opportunities to contribute to individual shareowner activism and to get to know other members:

  1. We just launched a Nuts ’n Bolts members group. Members are going to use new wiki functionality to collaboratively draft several “how-to” articles on individual shareowner activism. We are just starting to flesh out the topics list in the new group’s forum, but topics will include “How to assign a proxy”, “How to directly register your shares”, “How to submit a Rule 14a-8 proposal”, etc. Completed articles will be made publicly available on the USPX website. To participate, you will need practical experience with one or more of the topics covered.
  2. In the recently-formed USPX Governance Group, a forum discussion “Please review and comment on USPX bylaws ” has been launched where members can review and propose improvements to our primary governance document: the USPX bylaws. This discussion and review was proposed at last month’s annual members meeting. Our board has formed a committee to review all members’ feedback and report back to the board in two months with recommended changes to the bylaws. The bylaws were uploaded as an attachment to the first post to the discussion topic. You can download them and post your thoughts directly to the forum. No experience is needed to participate in this discussion, just a desire to ensure our organization has insightful, forward-looking governance.

If neither of these opportunities is your cup of tea, there will be more coming up in the next few months. At the annual meeting, members identified a number of exciting initiatives to pursue. Check out the minutes from that meeting for a peak at what is to come …. 

Thank you for being involved.