Shareowners have lost control over the corporations they own. This breakdown in the natural checks and balances of capitalism impacts virtually every aspect of our lives: our finances, our government, our employment market, our privacy, our environment, our security, our health. Corporate power is political power. Beholden to lobbyists, our government will not act. It is up to us.

The United States Proxy Exchange (USPX) is a non-profit organization dedicated to facilitating shareowner rights and confronting Wall Street abuse. Our members are individual investors like you. Our funding comes entirely from membership dues, so no one else is setting our agenda.

Our members attend shareowner meetings, submit proposals for inclusion in corporate proxy materials, confront disinterested regulators, write letters to boards and participate in lawsuits. Most of all, we spotlight abuse and advocate for reform. Don’t worry if this is all new to you. We will show you how and provide resources. If you just want to learn about sound investing, you can do that too. A big part of our agenda is education. The media often turn to us for information on shareowner rights or financial topics.

Members host their own blogs directly on this site. In three minutes, you can have your own customized blog up and running. If you prefer, you can join the conversation by posting comments to other members’ blogs or in forums. You can build connections and join groups organizing to take action. If no group is addressing an issue you care about, blog about it and then, with a few mouse clicks, form your own group.

We are a grassroots movement run and funded entirely by individual investors for the benefit of individual investors. By simply joining our movement, you will make a difference. Please join today.