Networking through the USPX

The United States Proxy Exchange is predicated on a belief that small shareownerrs can self-organize to make a difference. This website provides the tools for self-organizing, and we will be expanding those tools over time.

There are many types of initiatives members can self-organize around, such as:

  • organizing a letter writing campaign
  • drafting a comment letter in response to proposed regulations
  • submitting coordinated shareowner resolutions to corporations
  • developing a wiki knowledgebase on corporate governance
  • organizing a membership drive for the USPX
  • planning a march at SEC headquarters in Washington

All such initiatives require teams. And to form effective teams, members need to network. Networking is about getting to know other members—and letting them get to know you. Because USPX members are distributed across the United States (some are abroad!), most networking is on-line. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach out to, and possibly meet in person with, members who live near you. This page discusses on-line networking.

Your first step in effective networking is to create an appealing profile. Upload a personal photo and tell people about yourself.

The next step is to maintain an ongoing presence on the USPX website. In order for people to find your profile, they have to know you exist. One simple way to be noticed is to post updates to the activity stream. You can post comments to people’s blogs. Better yet, start your own blog.

Joining a group that is pursuing some initiative is an excellent way to network. Every group is different, but most have members working closely together, keeping in touch by e-mail and conference calls.

When, through your networking, you find people you would like to know better, you can friend them. You can also message other members and start to develop a working relationship.

If you do all the above, before long, you may be ready to form your own group to pursue some initiative.